Starkli Overview

Starkli is a command-line interface (CLI) tool designed to streamline interaction with your Madara chain. It simplifies managing accounts, deploying and interacting with smart contracts, and accessing network data.

Installing Starkli

Installing starkliup

Install Starkliup, the installer for the Starkli environment

curl | sh

Starkliup should now be installed. Restart the terminal

Install starkli v0.1.20

Madara currently is only compatible with starkli v0.1.20. Active development is underway to ensure the latest version is supported. Run starkliup to install starkli v0.1.20

starkliup -v 0.1.20

Starkli should now be installed. Restart the terminal

Verify Starkli installation

starkli --version

The output should display

0.1.20 (e4d2307)

Starkli allows you to perform all operations on your chain without leaving the command line.

Use Starkli in Madara

Before starting with configuring Starkli, add your Madara RPC URL to the env. By default, this would be http://localhost:9944

export STARKNET_RPC="http://localhost:9944/"

Configuring Starkli for Madara

The Starkli tutorial here (opens in a new tab) should work with Madara. If you face issues when deploying your smart contract, ensure you're Scarb 0.6.1. You can use asdf for the same as explained here (opens in a new tab).

Also, make sure you've added the following lines in your Scarb.toml

starknet = ">=2.1.0"